I Can Do Dad All By Myself

Honestly, I’m annoyed with these ads and I’m a mother of two. I get what they are saying “Moms are emotionally more supportive. WTG mom, you made me believe I didn’t suck that day I fell when I was three!” BUT when you grow up with a mom who has only said she was proud of you three times in your life (high school graduation(2003), when my daughter was born(2006) and (summer 2011) when she met my 2 year old son for the first time), when you have a mom who’s less supportive than a ten year old bra, these ads are just a reminder of the things you didn’t have. The things moms are supposed to do. The things your mom flaked out on. AND IT SUCKS! So, Dads, you aren’t the only ones cheesed off by these ads, even if it’s for a different reason.

Dad and Buried

As I promised in my post earlier this week, today I’m tackling the mom-centric ads being broadcast during the Olympics.

These particular ads are from Procter & Gamble, and they celebrate the role of moms in the lives of aspiring and actual Olympic athletes. A lot of dads out there are outraged or at least a little annoyed at the way the ads focus on moms to the exclusion of fathers. Procter & Gamble isn’t the first brand to ignore dads and they won’t be the last, just as this is neither the first nor the last time the online community of fathers has gotten excited about what they feel is a total disregard for the role they play in their kids lives.

To which I say: who gives a shit?

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