Slacker Blogging

I seem to have become depressed over the past week. I’ve been taking the death of the cat very hard…

As a result, my blog is suffering. Sorry guys.

I promise to get back with it this week. More Autism Awareness blogs and the 30 Day Drawing Challenge posts are coming this week. I will get caught up and finish on time. I promise.

I’ve sent my husband an email to help me stay on task and focus. I need things to keep me moving…

On a side note, I will be updating on my 29 Things list soon… I’m failing myself already, and it’s only April…


2 thoughts on “Slacker Blogging

  1. If was caught up, this comment would’ve been made sooner: You are not failing anyone. You are not failing, period. You are sad because your heart hurts. A little cat can take up a big space in your life and the absence is felt. I don’t know if this helps at all but, when I find myself at a low point, I try to “even the score” by doing something irrationally hopeful or incredibly kind. Take THAT unfair universe! I just added some love despite you.

    • I’m just of the mindset that I have to accomplish something in my life. I just don’t know what and when something I want to do isn’t getting worked on I feel like a failure. It’s why exercising sucks… My arms look great, too bad I was working on my lower body lol

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