Why we are chosing to homeschool next year: UPDATE

So many of you voiced your frustration of the issue of my daughter’s test and her teacher’s… inability to teach effectively… And I am being nice about this. Thank you for the support. It is not easy going through all of this alone, and I really do think of my dear readers as a little blogger version of an extended family.

(To be honest, I talk to most of you much more often than family anyway.)

I have had a meeting with the principal and the teacher. We discussed the tests in question (and her report cards missing grades for the past two quarters, which turned out to be an error with the printers, not any fault of the teachers). We also talked about my daughter’s behavior in class and I made sure to point out which ones are manifestations of her disability and how it’s effecting her test scores. We went over the reasons that she cannot get an IEP, a 504, and why her gifted evaluation was done a little too half-assed for my liking. (Though this is done at the district level, NOT at the school level and they shared my frustration in this area.)

Ultimately, she is still being homeschooled next year. I have already submitted my request for the registration packet to the online virtual academy she will be attending next year. Public school has reached a point where they are simply ill-equipped to handle a child like my daughter. In emails to other parents, who also have autistic children in this district, I have found that they too are struggling with little help from the school. With autism being the faster growing diagnosed learning disability in the country, we have GOT to focus on how to reach these kids. Everyone agrees that early intervention is the key, but what are we supposed to do when BY LAW, our insurance company doesn’t have to cover services she can receive in school for free, but the school refuses to allow her access to those services. I can site specific examples, and did, of how my daughter would benefit from Occupational and Speech therapy, and yet, she is denied both.

Homeschool will allow me to teach her in terms of real world applications. This is an area that has always failed me. I can know the textbook inside and out and still not understand how it applies to the world beyond the classroom. I think this will go a long way in helping Sissy understand the world around her and maybe, someday, she’ll be able to better navigate the world than I do.

So now, we bid our time. The teacher has agreed to take more time and patience in grading Sissy’s tests. She is going to be more diligent in grading, particularly if Sissy has shown in class to know the answer but marked it wrong on the test. She has agreed to bring Sissy aside and ask her to explain answers that may be the result of her autistic way of thinking. I have been asked to send emails and return the tests if something comes home a little off from what I think it should be, so that her teacher can work with Sissy at school.

I can only hope that these small changes carry us constructively through the end of the school year. These next two months may help determine what we do when Little Brother gets to Kindergarten in Fall 2014. Unfortunately, we wont have much information about next school year, for either child, until May.


Also, we successfully navigated the “Preschool Round Up”, now we wait. Our packet was complete. Our “I” were dotted; our “T” all crossed. Now it’s a waiting game to see what happens and how much our current deployment pay will be used against us when determining Little Brother’s preschool eligibility. We wont know anything until, quite possibly, my husband is home from Afghanistan, something I find ironic to say the least. So now we wait. We wait for the school year to end. We wait to see if Little Brother will be allowed to attend a public preschool. We wait for daddy to come back to us.

We wait.


2 thoughts on “Why we are chosing to homeschool next year: UPDATE

  1. I hope this meeting marks a turning point. I hope that understanding, patience, thoughtfulness and success follow. This is a lot to tackle alone. You’ve done beautifully and your children are lucky to have someone who speaks for them, fights for them and never gives up. I hope your son gets into that preschool. And I wait with the rest of your blogger family for your husband to come back home.

    • Thank you, dear. I’m just doing what I can each day to make it to tomorrow. It seems like time as completely slowed down and I’ve had a rough time this second half, but “two more dragons” and he should be home.

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