Ash Wednesday, Lent Begins

Well folks, to be honest, I’ve never done this before. I’m not Catholic, so there is no Ash Wednesday mass to attend. I had already committed to wearing my headcovering for the 40 days of Lent, but last night something occurred to me.

My husband and I had started a study on the Book of Joshua last November, and the holidays got crazy and so we put it on hold and haven’t gotten back to it. I was creating a sweater design for Valentine’s Day and it struck me. If I can spend an hour making a stupid sweater, surely I could better use my time.

I was kneeling beside my bed to string yarn through safety pins, but can’t remember the last time I was in that position in earnest calling to God. So I made the decision last night, very last minute. In addition to my headcovering, I am giving up DIY projects for the next 40 days. That is time I could better spend in prayer and being a better spiritual leader to my children in my husband’s absence.

Admittedly, this has already been difficult and it might mean that I avoid the my own blog at times in effort to keep from surfing all the DIY blogs out there. I don’t want to be tempted to take that time away from my goal for these 40 days.

This is my first time observing Lent, but I really think it will help me grow on my spiritual journey and be a better mother to my children and a better wife to my husband.

Off I go, into a new adventure, closer to my kids, closer to my husband, closer to God.


2 thoughts on “Ash Wednesday, Lent Begins

  1. I usually give up something I love for Lent. But one year, I did something different. I gave up “spiritual laziness.” Those 40 days were intense but rewarding. Kind of like hitting some internal reset button. I hope you find your journey as fulfilling. And this year? I gave up chocolate. The best part was telling my daughter who feared I was going to say: coffee. She knows things could get unpleasant if I went without caffeine for that long…lol

    • I considered chocolate, but I can’t drink milk without syrup in it, and my medications require me to get all the calcium and vitamin D that I can. I had to go buy some cheap bandanas to wear under my scarves though. I used a new brand of hair dye and it messed up my hair pretty badly. The dye keeps smearing onto my clothes and skin and I didn’t want to ruin my scarves.

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