DIY Sketchbook repair and cover

To be honest, this really doesn’t seem like a “true” DIY, but it is what it is (frankly it has to be because it can’t be what it isn’t).

My son has this habit of leaving things in the floor just so he can walk on them. Unfortunately, one night I left my sketchbook under the coffee table and the next day, my darling little boy went “sliding into home” and now mommy’s sketchbook has a busted binding. This made me sad because I like all my books, sketchbooks included, to have perfect or near perfect bindings. The longer the binding can be pristine, the more times the book can be opened without fear of the cover falling off.

This is what happens when your sketchbook becomes home plate.

This is what happens when your sketchbook becomes home plate. (Side Note: I made that bracelet today. 🙂 )

So my poor sketchbook became a DIY.

For this project I used:
One busted sketchbook (Thanks Little Brother)
Fun colored Duck Tape (fun is objective, you may or may not prefer things as ‘busy’ as I do)
Permanent Marker (optional)
Clear packing tape (optional)



It really is a simple one step process. Put the “fun colored Duck Tape” all over the cover until it’s as covered as you want and the dings, bangs, and bruises are invisible. Cut the tape with the scissors to make it fit or to smooth it out. Make it fun, make it yours.

New front cover.

New front cover.

Optionally, you could take a permanent marker and draw on the solid colored parts of the tape and cover with the clear packing tape. I would say, from past experience, that you wont want to leave anything covered with or made from duck tape anywhere that gets hot (i.e. your car) because the tape starts to melt and gets all EWWW all over everything.

But seriously? How adorable is my sketchbook now? And what would be a blog about a sketchbook without a little peek inside, so here’s a brief study I did on hands and one on ears that I did a while back.



I'm all ears!

I’m all ears!


What are your thoughts?

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