A Poem

Middle of the night crisis: Check

Discovering their was a poem bursting through the chaos: Check

Blogging it for the world: In Progress (:P)


I don’t dream about him.
Or the day that he’ll come home.
Or the way he wrapped his arms around me
When I was feeling weak.
Or the way he sighed so heavily
before he kissed my cheek.

My protection from my own despair
Has left not one memory
Of what it was to hold his hand
Or joke and laugh with glee.

I don’t remember what I said to him
The night he left my life.
I just remember the pain I felt
It cut through me like a knife.

I hid it well for days and weeks
Until care package day.
When over customs forms I cried
There was so much to say.

I love him dearly
Oh so dearly
He’ll never know the pain.
Or the thousand tears that fall each day
like slow and steady rain.

One day he will be by my side
The way it’s meant to be.
But for how long he gets to stay
Only time can see.

The Army has my soldier
But I still hold his heart.
His duty comes before our vows
Of til death do us part.

The time has come to dream again
The worst part of my day.
Cold, lonely and worrisome too
The bed too big to stay.

The time to sleep is coming.
I wake with every fear.
The knock at the door,
The never ending tear.

So rest my head
So full of dread
And cry my silent tears

For my ranks are known out far and wide
Through every step and every stride
This is the way we live our life
This is to be an Army Wife.

©Rainshadow Noba, January 8, 2013


2 thoughts on “A Poem

  1. jacob says:

    Great work in progress 🙂 work on the meter!

    • I’ll have to study up on meter again, it’s been a while. I know that it does read differently aloud than it does on the page. Thank you, it’s nice to know it’s not complete crap now that I can see the keyboard… I was having a rough night to say the least.

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