Happy Thanksgiving

Little Brother: “momma, you want to make chocolate cupcakes now”
Me: No bud, I already
LB: “You already ate them all!” (eyes are really big)
M: Yes, I ate 24 cupcakes last night after you went to bed
LB: “But I wanted to eat one, two, three, four, five, six.”

So that’s how I started my Thanksgiving. Actually, it’s not, this was the first conversation I had with my kids this morning, while still in my pajamas tucked too warmly into my bed. And to avoid confusion, my son likes to start every conversation with the word ‘but’.

Little Brother: But I need to ask you a question.
Me: Okay, ask me a question
LB: We need to go three places today.
Me: Okay, what three places do we need to go today.
LB: We need to go to Sissy’s school and then the doctor and then to Auntie C’s birthday
Me: Auntie C’s birthday, huh. We bud Sissy doesn’t have school today, nobody has school today.

[Enter the Sissy in question who, hearing our conversation, runs from the room declaring]

Sissy: Let’s check the map and see where Auntie C lives. Oh NO! Auntie C is in Texas, we wont be able to decorate the Christmas tree tomorrow, maybe we could just call her.

Family is so far away today, my family is all over Florida, my husband’s scattered throughout California, with exception of his brother who is in Texas on a PCS.  The love of my life is alone in a foreign land. Traditions will be broken simply because the person who participates isn’t here to do so. My husband loves turkey sandwiches, on toast, with avocado on Black Friday. Have one for him, keep our tradition alive while he cannot.

As tradition, we don’t shop on Black Friday. We don’t even leave the house. We instead, take the time to decorate our Christmas tree, together, as a family. My husband’s ornaments are delayed in the mail and he wont be able to participate in this one either I’m afraid. But he has the movie White Christmas with him, and that is always something we watch on Thanksgiving night. A tradition started long before we were married within his family and carried into our own.

The holidays are coming, let’s not lose sight of the important things. With the economy getting tougher on a lot of families, it’s easy to feel disheartened that the amount of presents under your tree is less than in years past. It’s easy to feel upset that the doll your daughter wants, you just can’t afford to get her. The toys, the noise, the wrappings all pass.

Don’t focus on the presents, focus on the presence. Be grateful that you have each other. Today, I am most thankful for a husband who serves selflessly for his country and for friends who are taking my kids and I in today, so that we don’t have to eat macaroni and cheese alone.


5 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. “Don’t focus on the presents, focus on the presence”. Beautiful. And I think its great how you do your best to keep/share family rituals despite the distance. I think those connections matter. So happy you have good people around you to save you from the solo mac & cheese option:) My family is grateful for many things, including all the ways your family serves on holidays and every day.

    • Thank you hun. It was a good day all things considered, but it didn’t feel like Thanksgiving. I’ve never had Thanksgiving dinner with a family that didn’t pray before they ate. It was kind of weird for me and the kids. I’m back to my mad dash NaNo finish. I spent part of yesterday writing chapter outlines for the rest of the book. I know where I’m going and I know how to get there. I’m on the move, look out! lol

      • “I know where I’m going and I know how to get there”…how many people wish they could say that? What an awesome feeling! Enjoy the dash to the finish line!

      • Well, I didn’t mean in life lol Just the novel. In life, I’m freaking out because my husband might need surgery and my kids wont stop playing with the Christmas tree and I don’t know what’s for breakfast let alone where I’m going for the day lol

  2. Lol..I know. But it’s awesome to say it in any aspect 🙂

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