NaNo Treats for my Readers (MATURE)

I’ve been slacking off on my word count, dear readers. I’m making a mad dash to the finish in true procrastination fashion, but before I lace up my running shoes, I have a few things to share.


Before this NaNoWriMo adventure began, I asked for suggestions to help get me from one point to another. (Preparing for NaNoWriMo) I am pleased to announce that Andrea Kelly of The Hand-Written Life made it into Chapter 15, with her modern Snow White-ish style dress. My girl needed a party dress and with a little artistic license, I was able to turn the dress in Andrea’s closet into a fabulous maternity dress for my serial killer with a heart of gold. Andrea, this excerpt is for you:

“I showed Officer ‘Rick’ to Jasper’s room to change in privacy.  Officer Pereira went into the bathroom and I headed to my room to get changed.

Digging through all the maternity clothes I had accumulated over the course of the past few months, I found just the item I was looking for.  I had hit a great sale at a major department store, just after Halloween.  The knee length dress was white sateen, more cream colored than egg.  The short cap sleeves made it great for any season and the black vested bust made it casual and elegant at the same time.  I looked a bit like a pregnant, yet modern, version of Snow White.  I paired the dress with a pair of calf high black suede flat heeled boots.  Tossing my long black curls into an elegant but haphazard bun near the crown of my head, I applied a bright red lipstick for affect and the look was complete.

If it was not for the protruding belly under the dress, I would have been tearing up the place.  I looked hot!”


Now, the title says “readers” and I’ve only mentioned one. Well, last week, I was overly enthusiastic about my word counts and left it up to you, my readers, as to what type of excerpt you would like to read, sex or death. (Update:11/12/12)  I received several ‘likes’ on the post, but only one true comment. To be honest, I was a little disappointed in the lack of response, but I’m on a new day, and in the grand tradition of rewarding the only one who shows up to the contest with the grand prize trophy, Tocksin, my dear, this one is all yours:

“At this point, I could not tell where one orgasm ended and the next began as waves of pleasure came rushing over me.  Just when I thought I could not stand anymore, just when my body began to quiver with pleasure and I thought surely I was going to die in ecstasy, he thrust himself hard into my body.

The startled noise that came from my throat was pain and pleasure all at once.  Fast, furious even, he began forcing his body deeper and deeper into mine, as if he just could not get deep enough.  I tried to open my legs more, but he slammed them back against his sides, never missing a beat.  His pleasure built as he slammed his body into mine over and over again.  Noises of pleasure and pain sprang from both of us as our bodies locked into each other.  When he finally came, he collapsed onto my body, both of us covered in sweat and we just laid there.  We were soaked in each other’s sweat and fluids, and gasping for breath.

It took not more than a few minutes before he was sitting up.  Removing my panties from my knees, he flipped me over to lie on my stomach.  Leaning over me, he whispered “You think you are done?  Not even close.” ”


Thank you blogger friends, for supporting this endeavor. I am done procrastinating and have a word count to attack. Running shoes on, I will finish this marathon if my MC has to kill every character in the book.


***These words are mine, don’t steal, it’s not nice and I’ll have to pull a “Taylor Swift” and write your death in a future novel***



7 thoughts on “NaNo Treats for my Readers (MATURE)

  1. tocksin says:

    You can write circles around most writers.
    What’s good about it is that it is narrative in that there are not a lot of stops and starts just straight movement and your asides are quite humorous. You should really try more to affect humor, it seems natural for you, so easily do you make me laugh, god forbid if you put some thought behind it. (maybe you do, sorry?)

    • Thank you, that’s very sweet. Honestly, I think my sense of humor comes from the fact that I have no filter. Living with Aspergers, I am often misunderstood and embarrassed when I talk to people, but my husband encourages me to blog because he knows I communicate much more effectively in writing. I think when I try to be funny, I fail. Maybe when I finish writing this one, I’ll try something a little lighter and less stabby stabby.

      • tocksin says:

        I have never been tested but I highly suspect I share your condition, have struggle most of my life and am prety good at acting like the rest of the people. I took heart when I read you said being on the spectrum.
        No matter we also have the gift of letting fly what we think in the face of everything and we anit afraid to look. Never try anything lighter always write with a heavy hand. In fact go harder deeper more into what’s behind a thing and what of the quiet moment we share a laugh.
        We have to spend so many years writing through every known cliche, at first we say my love is like a red rose and we end by saying….

      • Love is like the thorn of the red rose. Without it, the rose is just another flower. The thorn is what makes the rose what it is, it makes it beautiful, it makes it powerful, but it hurts. It’s fragile. It breaks easily, and will hurt you if you are not careful, but adds to the beauty of the flower as a whole. Aren’t we all painfully beautiful when we are in love?

  2. tocksin says:

    That as we are painfully beautiful when we are in love, true.

  3. You get straight to the heart of whatever you write. You may call it “no filter” but I think this lack of walls, layers, or bs is one of your strengths.
    Your honesty resonates. Can’t wait to see how NaNoWriMo ends up. I would also love to see where “less stabby” takes you.

    Oh, and when I saw your original question- “sex or death” I was going to write, “I’d be happy with either, surprise me” but then I thought that sounded nutty or worse, indecisive. Perhaps I should not have used a filter then 🙂

    Good luck with your marathon, and if you run out of time, your character could always make a poison-filled pumpkin pie and wipe everyone out at one holiday dinner.

    • Thanks hun. I foresee a problem with poisoned dinners, though. She’s trying not to get caught lol If she wipes out everyone at dinner, it wont take long to figure out who brought the pie. She was able to slit the throat of a rookie cop in the middle of a crowded dance club while seven months pregnant while looking like a victim, though… She may be able to escape the pie thing… Too bad she’s giving birth in January… I only have to write two more months of junk before that happens pretty much ending the book… Pretty much 😉

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