NaNoWriMo Update:11/12/12

Wow, suddenly I don’t suck!

In the past three days, I have put up some impressive numbers. Mostly, today with my word count at an impressive 6,408.

(Just look at all the green and yellow on that little widgety thing now!)

And I’m not done yet. Three thousand more words and I will be on Par for Day 12. I still have three hours and twelve minutes left on today. So long as my eyes keep functioning (which I’m starting to doubt after having to wear my reading glass all day), I will keep writing.

I’ve got Alanis Morissette blaring in my ears, the kids are in bed, the TV is off (!!!) and I’m killing people in Microsoft Word.

My total word count now is 17,177.

I want to thank you all for your support too. Between little words of encouragement, vague statements about walks (that I didn’t entirely understand but it made me smile anyway) and the curiosity other authors (like published and EVERYTHING!) have expressed in my main character, I feel very loved as I go through this month of “literary abandon”.


To reward you all for that support, I would like to release an excerpt from my rough draft, but I won’t be the one picking the scene (well not entirely). Since my novel does have romantic undertones, there is both sex and murder. I leave it to you, my dear readers, leave me a comment and we’ll see what wins. Whether I post a clip from a homicide or a romantic escapade is entirely up to you. (Fair warning, I’ve written scenes in the past that have made my husband blush.)

So what will it be? Do we read sex, or murder?


6 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Update:11/12/12

  1. tocksin says:

    Sex and murder seem to come from the same sourse, both excite, but if i had to choose I would choose glorious intercourse.

  2. […] left it up to you, my readers, as to what type of excerpt you would like to read, sex or death. (Update:11/12/12)  I received several ‘likes’ on the post, but only one true comment. To be honest, I […]

  3. tocksin says:

    Of course no pun taken.

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