After the Election

There are no words to describe the deep sadness and disappointment I feel right now. I believe our country has the power to be as great as it once was. I believe our nation has the ability to move past it’s former failed policies and the failures of past administrations and become the world leader it once was. I can only pray that changes are coming that will turn our nation around.

Changes that will bring more jobs to our people. Changes that will stimulate the economy from within. Changes that will decrease our dependence on foreign nations and increase our own personal strengths, both as individual citizens and as a unified nation. I pray for changes in policy that will effectively decrease our national debt and increase our ability to to be a self-reliant nation. A nation where small business is encouraged and people can once again live for “The American Dream”.

I pray for a nation we can all be proud of. A nation that we can support and love and pass to our children and our grandchildren in peace of mind. Knowing that we are not passing our problems onto them as we age, but that they might inherit a nation that once again believes in the promise of tomorrow. A nation that believes in the ability to work hard and make the life you want, not one that fears advancement and waits around for the next handout. I pray that our nation can once again be great.

Regardless of ideologies, politics or anything else, I pray for our President. May he stand up for what our country needs, not what it wants. That he may have the strength to make decisions that aren’t always popular if they are in the best interest of rebuilding our nation. That he may lead by example. Being honest, faithful, and disciplined in his own life, leading to a nation that is full of promise, hope, and dedication. That his policies will bring our nation to an image of it’s former self. And that regardless of anything else, he will remember that it was the will of the people that put him in the office of Commander in Chief, and above all else, that he will serve the people of this great nation to the best of his ability with our best interests on his heart and in his words and policies.



What are your thoughts?

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