In random search of “question words”

Okay, I was totally doing something else when this struck me.

I was using Google to help me write up a character bio for my upcoming NaNoWriMo project. This lead to an interesting discovery about the people who search the internet in my area. So I decided to take the basic question words(Who, What, When, Where, How, and Why) and plug them into Google, Yahoo, and Bing, just to see what’s the first thing that pops up. I finished the phrase with “to find” since I was searching for locations that typically hold “open mike nights” for my character. This is what turns up:

Who: who to find percentage
What: what to find in the nether
When: when to find out baby gender
Where: where to find prostitutes in Nashville (ummm… I hope these are the people who need to find out the baby’s gender.)
How: how to find IP address
Why: why difficult to find a job (My guess would be because your grammar sucks.)

Who: who to find someone
What: what to find in a guy
When: when to find out baby’s gender
Where: where to find weiner photo
How: how to find value of coins
Why: why to find people



Who: who to find the percent of a number
What: what to find on a photo scavenger hunt
When: when to find out the sex of the baby
Where: where to find morel mushrooms
How: how to find an IP address
Why: why to find friends on nintendogs



I notice that the searchers on Yahoo are mostly looking for people. Who would you want to find? What kind of guy is he? Why bother looking at all? I love that on all three search engines expectant parents everywhere are searching the “when” question about whether their baby is an innie or an outie.. I’m a bit concerned that the top “where” on Google involved the sex trade in Nashville… I live a relatively short distance from Nashville, and I personally want to avoid those areas. Maybe that’s the innocence of the search, to know what areas to avoid? A girl can dream, can’t she?


What are your thoughts?

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