The random things I thought

This is a list of things that I have thought in the past week or so… Completely random things… Added to it are some random things my kids have said that really made me crack up.

  • “I need breakfast, I’m so starving”- Little Brother, 10-7-2012
  • If fish swim in schools, why do pet stores sell goldfish individually? I mean, aren’t they lonely? Do goldfish naturally swim in schools or only wild goldfish? Are there wild goldfish? Are the ones sold at pet stores domesticated?
  • Why does a one terabyte hard drive only come with 930.68 GB of available space? I paid for a terabyte, I should get a terabyte.
  • “Oh, this is my one-hundred and fifteenth time in time out”-Sissy, 10-6-2012
  • Why is it normal to raise the left eyebrow independently of the right eyebrow, but not vice versa? My husband had a theory related to the ligaments in your hand not moving independently, but I disproved him by being able to flip him off with my ring finger without moving any of my other fingers.
  • If two kids are fighting to get into the bathroom, does the desire for a drink of water or the need to pee take priority?
  • “I shined my Happy Meal toy in the mirror so that I can find a uvula better. I can find a uvula better with much more light.” -Sissy, 10-7-2012 (Uvula is the official name for the hanging ball in the back of your throat.)
  • I find a lot of irony in finding grammatical and spelling errors in a book about high IQs and giftedness.
  • “But it’s not naptime, why am I wearing socks?” -Little Brother, 10-6-2012, when told to go to bed. He also uses the phrase “Water good” when he doesn’t want to go to bed.

There are plenty of others, but these are the ones I remembered to write down.



2 thoughts on “The random things I thought

  1. Okay, I tried to raise one eyebrow and can do the right, not the left. So now not only am I slightly concerned about goldfish, but I just found out I’m not normal…lol. I would write more about how much I enjoyed these random thoughts but, it’s 5:27am here and “I need breakfast. I am so starving.”

    • Hey, my fingers move independently of each other… I’m not normal either lol My husband was shocked when I showed him how easily I could do it. He was running on the assumption that it had something to do with motor functioning and left-right brain abilities. I think I proved him wrong. My kids crack me up a lot. I still can’t figure out how long she’s been counting time-outs to end up with “my 115th time” lol I really had to put on a mommy face to keep from busting a gut when she said that.

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