30 Day Drawing Challenge: Día treinta

Day 30 is supposed to be a “Congratulations” banner for completing the challenge.
Only, I have a confession. I never did Day 15. Go back and look, you wont find it. There is a blank page in my sketch book about halfway through this series of drawings. I never had the heart to draw my family. My home of origin is a very broken one, my in-laws don’t like me very much and the love of my life is halfway around the world. Anyway you look at it, I’m a broken person without much to lean on. So I never did the drawing.

Having not completed the challenge after all, I couldn’t lie to myself and all of you with a “Congratulations” banner. I’m too honest for my own good. I doubt any of you noticed the lack of a “Day 15”. But I couldn’t live with posting a “woohoo I’m finished” when I didn’t actually follow through with the plan. I couldn’t just leave you with nothing though. I value my readers too much to ignore you altogether and I can’t ignore two days in a thirty day challenge. Pope Gregory XIII did that once and we ended up with February. (Okay that last part may or may not be true.)

So, my banner:


10 thoughts on “30 Day Drawing Challenge: Día treinta

  1. day 15th can be a though one for many people, I am just in day 6th, favorite book character, and i havent read any good book apart from profession related ones and harry potter :/… day 5th was difficult too… best friends… I actually dont have a best friend, no one in mind to draw… so just ended up with a bible verse about God… day 27th will be though too… I am in an internet love relationship… so wondering all the time if that kind of love could be called love after all… sigh… dont think that much, I ended up thinking that those problems are good cause help us understand each other and help others that have been trough that or are in the same situation and somehow thank to that we can help… anyway… are you ok? busy busy? have a great time!!! God bless you!

    • Oh hun. Go back and read my blog “How I Met my Husband”. We met online in a role playing game lol been married seven years next month. Love is love. How you express it doesn’t change that its love. Forgive me for being absent the next few days. I need to have my laptop repaired, it won’t even boot into safe mode and after a full day working on it, it seems its a hard disk drive malfunction. Diagnostics confirmed 😦 so I won’t have a working comp for days at the earliest.

      • you are finally back!!!! :DDDD you got your laptop fixed? I am working now, my last day of work… big changes are coming in my life… I can somehow feel it… mmm love on the internet… I decided not to have those relationships for now… I prefer trying in real life first…

      • I am, but no I didn’t. My hard drive crapped out, so it’s in repair to be replaced. Thankfully I had a protection plan on the hardware, so once they figured out that I was right and it was the hardware and not a software issue, it gets replaced for free! 😀 My husband told me (well, emailed me) “Happy Anniversary early, go buy yourself a new laptop. We’ll fix the other one and run it for the kids”, which is nice for our daughter who will need a computer when we start homeschool next fall.

        I’m so happy that you are excited for my return. It’s an odd feeling, but I’m glad somebody missed me. 🙂 I’m excited for your “big changes”. Love is tricky and not everybody can make long distance work. Some people need more connection than that. You have to do what’s best for you.

      • wow I see, thats so good!!!! ^^ Of course I missed you ^^ now I am having more time for having a life lol but need to find another job soon… hahah big changes, yeah… I think all of them are thank God, I am christian but the past year my job changed my life so I stopped doing many things I liked and also left God aside the road, but now I am coming back to life… and suddenly I stopped working but received many blessings I never thought I could receive… that made me feel so out of this world… is amazing… I always had problems with my faith…. but the past days I am amazed by being witness of how my faith is becoming stronger… I know religion and God are not always a good topic to talk but I had to tell somebody… heheh God bless you!

      • Feel free to share little miracles. God doesn’t just work in a grandiose manner. Fell free to talk God with me anytime. My husband actually has a degree in Youth Ministry and while we currently don’t attend a church, we study the word throughout the week. Yesterday, my daughter and I played archeologist and looked up maps of current places that existed in the Bible. Finding Bethlehem and Nazareth was easy, Ninevah and Tarish, not so much lol. I’m excited for you. And feel free to email me @ notesfromthebackseat@yahoo.com… I try to remember to check it from time to time. I don’t use it often, so I forget to check 😛

      • thank you for saying that!!! having someone to talk with about God is awesome!!! early in my life I have nobody to talk too so I even gave up and went apart from Him, but now it seems I find God’s people everywhere and in the less expected ways… that is awesome!!! 🙂 hahah I would like to have had a childhood full of God’s presence thank to my parents too, you are doing a great job! and of course I will drop you a line or write here every time I need :)))

      • I didn’t grow up in the church, but came to it after high school. My husband grew up in the church and went to a Bible college for his degree in Youth Ministry. It’s kind of a nice balance because he has the Biblical experience we need to teach our kids in the way of the Lord, while I have the “screwed up childhood” and the “what was I think?” adolescence that breeds worldly experience. We are able to discuss things with our kids from both a Godly and worldly point of view. That can only come in handy as they hit the teen years.

      • I wish the same for my children! showing them both sides of the coin… but first need to find a good husband heheh 😛

      • yea I kinda lucked into that one. We ended up pregnant before the wedding… Thankfully, he wanted to be a father and wanted to do the right thing for both of us and the baby. It was a crazy situation and horrible fighting took place from our in-laws (mine and his), but it worked out and we will be married 7 years next month. I wouldn’t want to spend my life with anyone else. 😀

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