30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 28-ish

Okay, so Day 28 was about ten days ago. I’ve been hit hard with reality the past few weeks and it’s finally sunk in that my husband is in a war zone. All this stuff all over the internet and TV about that sorry excuse of a film, under the guise of free speech, has Muslims all over the world in an uproar and they have every right to be. We, as Christians, get pissy when people mess with our Messiah, why wouldn’t Muslims? I just can’t handle it. Knowing that my husband could come home from one war and have to leave for another, it’s heartbreaking.

FYI: Just because you can say something, DOESN’T mean you should!

Now that I’m off my soapbox, I’ll get on with the drawings. I haven’t felt much like doing anything the past week or so. To get over that, I dyed my hair pink, or “Pretty Flamingo” to be precise. I’m feeling a little better now.

So, Day 28: Anything you’d like.

This was remarkably simple to do. Given the mood I’ve been in, there is only one thing I would draw. It’s simple to draw and keeps me focused for hours since I double line and fill in the middle. It took me two hours just to do this one. To be fair, the book I’ve been drawing in all month is about 4inches by 6inches. All these drawings are pretty small, but the sketch book fits in my purse.

This is one of those drawings I’ve been doing forever. I was in middle school the first time I remember drawing it. Not sure where the idea came from, but I have dozens of these drawings from over the years. Sometimes I fill in the spaces. Sometimes, I do it large, mostly small. I paint bright colors on canvas and then draw this over top once the paint is dry.

So, here’s what I like to draw:

I call it the “ink blot design”, but it’s more of a fracture or puzzle.


5 thoughts on “30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 28-ish

  1. Andrea Kelly says:

    Hang in there!! *Hug*

    “FYI: Just because you can say something, DOESN’T mean you should!” – I’m amazed that so many people don’t realize this. It’s just common sense! Which I guess isn’t very common…

    • Agreed! Common sense seems to be a rarity these days and people keep pulling the “but it’s free speech” card. Inciting a riot is “free speech”, but it’s also disturbing the peace and disorderly conduct. lol People seem to forget that we have the obligation to speak up when there is injustice, and the responsibility to conduct ourselves in a respectful manner.

      • Andrea Kelly says:

        So so true. When our forefathers protected the right to free speech, they would never have dreamed we would use it the way we do now – there were SO many more rules governing appropriate and respectful conduct back then…unfortunately it seems most of that has gone out the window!

      • There is a lot about our current political situation that our forefathers never intended. Unfortunately, the intent of everything they did has been lost among generations of selfishness and greed. I’d venture a guess that Thomas Jefferson’s quote regarding the separation of church and state is probably the most misused quote of anything our forefathers ever said. It’s just shameful.

      • Andrea Kelly says:

        It really is, I couldn’t agree more!

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