30 Day Drawing Challenge, Day 27

Day 27: Someone (I) Love

There are lots of people that I love and initially, my first thought was to draw my husband. However, I’m having a bit of difficulty with that. I’m tired and don’t much feel like drawing tonight.

In the spirit of laziness, I’m going to recycle. I’m reasoning this logically on the basis that this drawing is, at most, three months old 🙂 I promise I will draw a new one for this eventually, just not today. Besides, some of you cheated too 😛

So I give you my recent sketch of my daughter. This was drawn from a photo on my cell phone. She got her ears pierced this past February. I have video to prove that her reaction was a small “oh” and only occurred AFTER we told her that she did, in fact, have earrings in her ears. I had a photo of her on my phone and blew it up so that only part of her face was showing. I drew that part and was very pleased with the turn out.

My husband recognized her right away. He said it was her eyes. It’s an odd expression, but sometimes, you can see autism in her eyes. You can see the vacancy behind the blue. It’s not always there. When it is, it’s glaringly obvious. My husband and I see it often in her pictures.

She’s a wonderful little girl. Truly beautiful inside and out. A great friend, excellent student and patient teacher to a mommy who is still learning the ropes. I love my baby girl so much.

My sweet girl
Photo by Lynne Hough


3 thoughts on “30 Day Drawing Challenge, Day 27

  1. Andrea Kelly says:

    I can totally see the resemblance! Amazing work.

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