30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 19

Day 19: Something New

I was a bit confused by this. Does it mean draw something I just bought? Something that was recently given to me? Something I had never drawn before?

I chose to go with the latter and draw something I have never drawn before. Finding something I had never drawn before was relatively easy given I tend to stay within my comfort zone of flowers, flowers, and more flowers with the occasional random doodle randomly thrown in the mix.

My daughter was begging me to draw a Tinkerbell for her (and I have), but I have drawn Tinkerbell before. Many times. She’s nothing new (unless I drew her without clothes, and that would be weird).

I decided on anatomy, as it, as a whole, is something I have never drawn. I’ve drawn nude people (mostly women) before, but I’ve never drawn anatomy. The insides of people. Not a liver, or kidney, or spleen. Pancreas, uvula, or ovary. So I decided, that’s where I would draw my inspiration for today.

So, dear readers, it is with much love that I give my heart to you all.

Promise not to break it?


What are your thoughts?

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