30 Day Drawing Challenge, Day 14

Day 14: Favorite Fairytale



In the Grimm version of Cinderella (aka: Aschenputtel), the father denounces his daughter by his first wife. He allows his second wife to do as she pleases with his daughter. In the end of the story, Aschenputtel becomes queen, but not until after BOTH of her step-sisters mutilate their feet in an effort to fit into the glass slipper. Unlike Disney’s version, the Brother’s Grimm weren’t afraid of gory details.

The Step-mother gives the most ridiculous reason (“when you are queen you will never have to go on foot.”) to convince not only her first daughter to cut off her toes, but to convince her other daughter to cut off the heel of her foot! How vile of a mother do you have to be, how greedy and self-absorbed do you have to be to encourage this sort of behavior from your children?

I’ll give you this, the Brother’s Grimm didn’t think to highly of parents, often they are negatively portrayed and as usual, the step-mother is a typical antagonist.

I suppose it could be worse though, Disney often portrays families as single-father structured where a teenage girl rebels with successful results, usually leading to marriage with a man/boy that daddy didn’t approve of to begin with.


What are your thoughts?

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