Et les nominés sont… deuxième partie

For the second time this week, my blog has been nominated for the “One Lovely Blog Award”…

via Valdecor

I think I’m feeling what I’m supposed to feel this time too.

Blogging has given me the opportunity to “meet” so many new people. One of these great people is Nadhia Olivos at Life is a journey, not a destination. Her photos and words amaze me and she’s quickly become one of my “best blogging buddies”. And we are totally gonna have to write that book 😉

So yes, a review of the rules (in case you missed them on Saturday):


Anyone nominated for the “One Lovely Blog Award” must doing the following to keep the award moving forward.

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and link to them in your post.
  2. Share seven unknown things about yourself.
  3. Nominate other bloggers and blogs you like or admire… 15 or so if possible.
  4. Contact the bloggers you nominate to let them know and to link them back to your post so they can read “The Rules,” too.

Seven unknown things… I’m gonna start running out of those soon… Let’s see:

  1. My favorite color is green, so it’s a good thing my husband didn’t join the Air Force.
  2. I could change the oil in my truck all by myself IF I had the upper body strength to get the tire off first.
  3. As terrified as I am about this deployment, I am secretly hoping I prove myself wrong. I want to succeed when my husband is away. I want to believe in myself, which is something I’ve never had the heart to do.
  4. I secretly envy my daughter’s fashion sense. Today, she is wearing a green polo shirt, lime colored leggings and a navy skirt with large, nearly neon flowers on it. She looks great!
  5. I love to paint, draw, sketch and be creative, but I don’t think I’m any good at it.
  6. I love to cook from scratch but often don’t. Mostly because I’m lazy, but partly because it’s more expensive and money is tight right now.
  7. I’m looking forward to April 1, 2013. That will make one year since I’ve spoken to my mother. Maybe then, I will truly feel free to be my own person and not worry about what she thinks.

Now to nominate others. It’s a good thing I left some people out, or I wouldn’t be have anyone to nominate this go round:

Two Hundred Seventy– A great new blog by a spouse whose husband will be deploying soon too. Ironically, we are stationed at the same post and go to the same Starbucks and have never met.

Tips on the Tips– A great blog full of tips on how military families thrive in spite of separations and creative ways to stay moving as a family, together.

Cristian Mihai– A blog that I have found quite inspiring as an aspiring writer.

Good Luck to all!

2 thoughts on “Et les nominés sont… deuxième partie

  1. thanks for tagging!!! ^^ I have been so busy this past week and didnt even had time to post anything… 😦 I began my Drawing challenge but no time to upload pics 😦 lets plan when to write the book! hahah I love cooking from the scratch tooo but Iwhen I do I dont choose any recipe I just mix all what I have in my refrigerator lol

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