And the Nominees are…

To be honest, these things confuse me, but I respect the person who nominated me, so I’ll play along.

Thank you to mars6995 at Gnostic Bent for this nomination. You are a really great guy and make me think on a daily basis (you should get an award for that alone hehe)

To say I’m feeling “honored” wouldn’t be the truth. These types of things confuse me to no end and I’ve deleted several nominations in the past for fear of “doing it wrong” and because I simply don’t understand the concept of a blog award. But rules are rules, so here they are:

RULES: Anyone nominated for the “One Lovely Blog Award” must doing the following to keep the award moving forward.

via Valdecor

      1. Thank the person who nominated you and link to them in your post.
      2. Share seven unknown things about yourself.
      3. Nominate other bloggers and blogs you like or admire… 15 or so if possible.
      4. Contact the bloggers you nominate to let them know and to link them back to your post so they can read “The Rules,” too.

Rules are rules, so here are my seven…

      1. I’m useless at HTML. It took me ten minutes to figure out how to “un-number” my next lines and keep my post aligned to the left.
      2. I’m a Capricorn, but I was supposed to be a Sagittarius. I often average my horoscopes to give myself better odds at something positive happening in the next week.
      3. You can get second degree burns by not wearing sunscreen. My son is proof of this concept and for that reason I wont be winning “Mother of the Summer” this year.
      4. If I believed in Karma in connection with reincarnation, I am, most certainly, NOT going to be a cow in my next life.
      5. I’m still terrified every time I “publish” a new post. (And I secretly hope it doesn’t change.)
      6. I have a mantra that I use while riding “Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbid Eye”. It goes like this, “It’s not real. It can’t hurt you. It’s not real. It can’t hurt you. It’s not real. It can’t hurt you. It’s not real. It can’t hurt you. It’s not real. It can’t hurt you.” The ride is only a few minutes long, but you’d be surprised how many times you can say it during the ride when your cortisol levels wont stop rising.
      7. This past summer I was in an accident on the Jungle Cruise ride at Disneyland that sent several riders to the First Aid Station. Turns out you can rear-end another boat.

The blogs that inspire me, make me think, and bring out the best in me:

Falling Down to Me

Sincerely, Slapdash

One Thousand Single Days

Molly Alice Nests


Life is a journey, not a destination

There are others, but they have banned nominations on their blogs. We’ll see how this works and good luck to all!


4 thoughts on “And the Nominees are…

  1. Andrea Kelly says:

    Congratulations 🙂

  2. […] So yes, a review of the rules (in case you missed them on Saturday): […]

  3. […] do feel the need to acknowledge them because it’s important that my nominators (in this case, Notes from the Backseat) know how much I appreciate their taking the time to nominate […]

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