30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 7

Day Seven, Favorite Word

Are you kidding me?


I barely have a favorite color and you want a favorite word?

To be honest, I had to put forth a lot of effort on this one. I have so many words that are interesting to me for different reasons and to pick one was difficult. I chose a word that portrays both a strength and a weakness.

You see, I am much more expressive in writing. While my tone of voice may be absent, the words I chose are chosen with such delicate purpose that it’s hard to misunderstand my meaning.

In person, I loose this gift. I am often clumsy in my speech, I have trouble following the speech of others and sticking my foot in my mouth is always my gold medal event.

In writing, I’m eloquent. I’m able to take time with my words, how they are phrased and am able to read my message before submitting it.

I have a gift with words that led my husband to encourage this very blog. He knows how I function best and inspired me to started writing for all of you.

My favorite word is a combination of this strength/challenge I have with language. It embodies the very aspect of speech and writing.

And my favorite word is…


4 thoughts on “30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 7

  1. I have no idea what your is, but I share your feelings regarding writing it helps my further organize my thoughts and start and engage in conversations that I might stumble my way through normally.. Great Post!

  2. lmao see! I meant to say I have no idea what your word is! 😉

    • It’s all good. My mind actually filled in the word and I had to read it three times to find the mistake lol

      Word is: articulate. It’s supposed to be written in a way that makes it hard to understand 🙂

  3. That’s OK! I think I read it three times before posting it… Articulate! very cool!

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