30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 6

Day 6: Favorite Book Character

When my daughter was four, we read Lewis Carrol’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. I know most kids would have been reading Dr. Seuss, but we had also read Peter Pan, and the Wizard of Oz.

Anyway, some of my favorite character have come from books I read as a child, or have read to my children. Alice, Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, Dormouse, the Walrus, so many great characters come out of Wonderland. Watching the animated movie is always fun, and the newest Tim Burton movie was above and beyond. I know that this one specifically mentioned “not a movie”, but since I really did base my drawing on the image I saw in our copy of “Wonderland”, I included it anyway.

The Mad Hatter has always been a fan favorite. He’s nutty, but charming and endearing. However, many people forget that Time was the fourth guest to the tea party, before Alice. This is why the Mad Hatter gets upset when Alice speaks of beating time “when I learn music” and when she says “I think you should do something better with the time …than waste it asking riddles that have no answers.” The Mad Hatter is quite mournful when he speaks of the falling out he had with Time at a concert given by the Queen of Hearts. (During his performance the Queen “jumped up and yelled out, ‘He’s murdering the Time! off with his head!’ ” Time wont have anything to do with the Hatter since and “it’s always six o’clock now”.

This part of the story was always my favorite. I very much enjoy reading the story of Time and the Hatter, so my favorite character from a book is a tie.

I give you, Time and the Hatter:

the Mad Hatter and Time


2 thoughts on “30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 6

  1. Don says:

    Great drawing!
    I didn’t know that about Time and the tea party though – I think you may have just given me a reason to go and read the book…

    • Understand when you read it that it is a serious of adventures. Each chapter could function as a separate short story so while there is fluidity and continuity to the story, it’s not going to make sense all the time. (hehe Time)

      I love reading books with my kids. You pick up on so many things you missed as a child. 🙂

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