30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 5

Day 5: Best Friend

This is so overdone, but my husband really is my best friend. He’s the one person I can truly be myself around. He doesn’t judge me for my outbursts and is always so patient (or at least as patient as he can be) with me during times of great stress. Sure, we argue. What couple doesn’t? But we always make up before going to bed. (We’ve tried going to bed angry… Neither of us sleep and we end up talking it out at one in the morning.)

He is a great inspiration to me. He’s always encouraging me to do what makes my heart happy and be my own person. He’s a wonderful father and a caring husband. He does everything he can to be there for the important parts of our life (the Army does make this difficult on him, but I’m grateful that he tries). My husband really is my best friend.

(AND he agrees with me that staying with his mother for two weeks is too long!)

Day 5: My husband, my best friend


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