Financial Responsibility and Monopoly

Just Charge It!!.


Everybody falls on hard times. I get it. Honestly, my husband and I wouldn’t have much of the credit card debt we have if he hadn’t lost two jobs in six months and spent the next six months on unemployment. It was tough. We did everything for our kids during that time. We’ve been on three dates in the past 2 years. We don’t go out much and when we do it’s always cheap.

I will happily announce that I danced cheerfully around my kitchen with a pair of scissors on Friday afternoon. We paid off one of our five credit cards/store cards, one with a particularly high interest rate, and CLOSED the account!!! I’m still running the high I felt when the little man at his desk on the other side of the phone said “the account is closed effective immediately”…

My husband and I will be mostly debt free by January 2016. Four more years and we will only have our mortgage. Four more years and we will have added an average of $1445 a month back to our free budget! That’s the amount of money we are currently spending each month just to pay off debts.
Teaching our kids to be dependent on a card to swipe will only compound this issue. We all can be debt free, but it takes work and sacrifice. I don’t think this board “game” is helping the situation. With everyone, right up the President, spending more than they earn, what message does it send our children?

“Oh? Not enough money in your wallet to buy it now… Hmmm… CHARGE IT!”

Not a good plan for the future.


What are your thoughts?

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