30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 3

Day 3: Favorite Food

This one was a pain in my a**. For real! I had finally decided on a food. Drawn it, was ready to post it and noticed Day 10… Day 10 is a drawing of your favorite candy. Well, doesn’t that blow chunks!? In a vain attempt to get around drawing actual food, I drew candy… So now my drawing for Day 3 becomes my drawing for Day 10 and I’m stuck with nada for favorite foods…

Have no fear! After much time on Google and looking at the blogs of several other people who are completing this challenge, I was able to come up with a favorite food.

Bon appetit!

Ain’t she cute!?! Just the sweetest little cupcake in the whole wide world!


2 thoughts on “30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 3

  1. Don says:

    Awesome drawing – love the cute anime face. A cuter cupcake I have never seen, I assure you.

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