Behold the Power of Breakfast

Okay, so I don’t usually write about food (cake isn’t really food, is it?) but I think we can all agree that breakfast tends to get skipped more often than any other meal of the day. Some people call it the “Most Important Meal of the Day”. I don’t know if I agree with that, but I do know that some breakfasts can be made much faster than others.

Recently, I have discovered the joy behind making smoothies. Green smoothies to be exact. They are quick, simple, filling, and delicious (if you find a recipe you really like).

So, this morning after I took Sissy to school, I decided to use our last banana to make a smoothie. This banana was going to used for bread or smoothie and it was already too warm to want to bake. Plus I haven’t been feeling well and don’t want to get everyone sick (again) should they eat my baked banana germs.

For me, these smoothies are a great way to get nutrients that I know I’m missing out on. It takes less than five minutes to make and can be done while making lunch for a lunchbox or while pouring cereal for the kiddos.


One banana (mine was over ripe)
3/4 cup yogurt (I used what was left of my Strawberry and Honey Greek Yogurt)
1/2-1 cup of spinach (I just threw in a handful or two)
1/2 an orange, peeled and unseeded
(Can you tell I’m not big on measuring when I just want my smoothie?)

1. I put the spinach, orange, banana and yogurt in the blender (in that order, putting heavier items on top of the lighter spinach allows the spinach to stay closer to the blades and tends to blend better). Turn blender on. My blender has a setting for smoothies, so I don’t know what setting other than that. You can pretty much turn on the blender and walk away until it’s smooth.

2. Shake the blender a bit, while on, if anything gets stuck to the sides of it. OR you could turn off the blender and scoop it down to the bottom. Make sure it’s smooth. My orange got failed to blend entirely resulting in a single mass of orange near the bottom, but wasn’t too bad.

Garnish with a spinach leaf (if desired, could also use orange slices to bring in a bit more color) and serve. I served my Green Breakfast Smoothie in a wine glass… My husband is about to deploy, I think I deserve a wine glass in the morning 😉


2 thoughts on “Behold the Power of Breakfast

  1. Smoothie says:

    Smoothies for breakfast are amazing, and will try your recipe maybe tomorrow, thanks!

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