August 12, 2012


Today is marked by a happy event.

I have surpassed both my “Best Day for Likes” and my “Best Day for Follows” today.

Not a lofty goal, and I imagine it’s one I will probably surpass again in the future, but for now it’s a happy event.

To mark this occasion, I will give you all a useless blog in commemoration.

It’s always nice, as a writer of all things never published, to have people reading and responding to something I have written. Often times, I peruse the blogs of those who like, comment, or follow my own. This leads to BloggeRelationships. We have things in common, we follow each other, leave comments back and forth, it’s like a virtual friendship but without the coffee and awkward silences. It’s a nice feeling when people connect with something I’ve said, photographed, or felt. Someone else’s writing can give me a voice for things I cannot say, and I do the same for others. We speak for each other and through each other and to each other.

Blogging makes me happy.

And I’m glad to be sharing this happiness with all of you.


What are your thoughts?

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