Let them eat cake!

I bake.

Have I told you that?

No? Well I do.

I bake for fun. I bake for something to do. I bake to relax. I bake to stress myself out right before a really big party with all the upper level Officers in my husband Squadron. But for nothing else, I bake for myself. It’s a hobby I enjoy, and I’m quite talented for having no training at all. I admit to watching a lot of Cake Boss, and making comments like “That’s not as hard as he makes it look. Watch this!”

I bake mostly birthday cakes for my kids, myself, and my husband. I always seem to outdo myself and even my “simple” cakes look a lot less simple than I give credit for. In honor of my son turning three this week, I decided to release a few images of some of my favorite cakes that I have done. I wont be making this year’s birthday cake until tomorrow, but I’ll edit the post later with that image.

So sit down with me and have a slice of cake:

1. Decapitated Tinker Bell
This is a favorite simply because it was the first time I had ever piped a cake. I did the whole cake using a sandwich baggie filled with icing and the tip cut off of it. The shaped cake pan came with coloring directions which is like using a paint-by-number, only with icing. My daughter turned four that year and I wanted to do something for her, though she wasn’t having a party. It’s a little weird that she’s disembodied, but we had a full bodied Tink holding the number 4 as a candle. I think that makes it better, right?

Not too shabby for piping from a Ziploc baggie.

2. The Reece Cup of Cakes
My daughter, as many of you readers has figured out, has autism. This is no secret, neither is the difficulty it causes when it comes to making sure she gets the right balance of nutrients. Peanut butter, from very early on, has been a staple source of protein for her. She loves peanut butter… A lot… When we were discussing cake ideas for her 5th birthday, she again wasn’t having a party, so we just made a simple something. She requested a chocolate chip, peanut butter cake. I said she could have whatever she wanted and she pushed me to the limits on this one. A double layer Devil’s Food cake, filled with a rich layer of peanut butter and chocolate chips, was exactly what she got. It was a really rich cake. It tasted just like a Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup, and was a huge hit with the whole family. I have had requests for this one a few times since.

Also, my first time with lettering and the flowers are done in her favorite colors. What’s a good mom for, after all?

3. Tonka
My son turned two last year (obviously since he’s turning three this year), and what kind of boy would he be if he wasn’t into trucks? I don’t know the answer to that question, but he is REALLY into cars, trucks, pretty much anything with wheels on the bottom (this includes chairs, rolling desks and strollers). I was inspired by his love of cars and this adorable idea I saw in one of my cookbooks. It was a “Figure Eight Racetrack Cake”… I didn’t like that, so I built my own. This was a 12 inch round with a 6 inch round stacked in the center. I had to pie this thing in the fridge on my spinning cake stand because the heat was melting the icing off the cake faster than I could pipe it on. I piped EVERYTHING! Every blade of grass added to my carpal tunnel. Every line in the “pavement”, but it was worth it. This cake was awesome!

The trucks I got at Walmart for, like, $3 a piece. He loves his trucks and they go with the set he already had.

4. Halloween with Squadron
My husband had an event we had to attend with his Squadron last October. I had made cupcakes for a fundraiser and offered my kitchen up, yet again, for this event. I was given complete control over what was done, it just had to serve 80 people! Yes, you read that right. We had been with this Squadron exactly 2 months, when I was asked to make a cake to feed 80 people! Problem #1: My kitchen is the same size as yours. It’s not grand by any stretch of the imagination. Problem #2: I had never worked with fondant before (and haven’t since either). Problem #3: Where on earth was I going to store my family groceries while this thing was taking up space in my fridge and freezer? All of these problems got solved when I decided to make two cakes instead of one. I used the same model for my son’s second birthday cake, a 12 inch round bottom and a six inch round top tier. Instead of using one layer of cake per level, I used two and I studied, at length, how to cut a cake that large to feed that many people. The final results were a hit. I used yellow cake, chocolate icing/filling, and homemade marshmallow fondant (Much thanks to my husband for rolling that stuff out for me, it’s a pain without a sheeter). I went above and beyond by putting Rice Crispy Treat “Torii” on top of the cake.

I alternated the colors to pull the cake concept together and keep with the theme. I hand drew the spider webs on the fondant with food coloring pens.

5. Lalaloopsy Party Time
My daughter turned six this year. Lalaloopsy have become all the rage at our house. Our son has some of the boy dolls, my daughter has girl dolls. They have large dolls, Littles, Mini’s. They have furniture and feris wheels and school buses. It amazes me. These dolls are so CUTE too. It’s easy to see why kids love them. They are brightly colored. Have funky little names and their back stories are just darling. For example: “Bea Spells-A-Lot was sewn from a school girl’s uniform. She is a real smartypants, who always follows the rules and loves to talk…A LOT!!! She has a pet owl.” When my daughter wanted a Lalaloopsy themed birthday party, I knew I was in trouble. You see, at the time, they didn’t have Lalaloopsy themed party supplies. On top of making the cake, I had to make decorations that would flow with the idea of rag dolls coming to life. It was a lot of fun. The cake was half chocolate (the left) and half yellow (the right). I used a variety of techniques to complete this cake and if you look closely, you might even see the toothpicks I used to make the dolls stand up. This cake was SO MUCH FUN to make! The “button” marshmallow boarder took the longest, but most of this was done in a day. The cake is a double layer and sits about 4 inches high. My daughter and her friends loved it! It will be hard to top this cake. I guarantee it!

I used graham crackers and royal icing to make the house in the back. The “trees and bushes” are mini marshmallows with green food coloring spray paint (my stove was green for a week). The beach is crushed graham crackers.



EDITED: Little Brother’s Third Birthday Cake:
This was a single layer chocolate cake. Covered with chocolate icing and I used Green Apple, Pull-n-Peel Twizzlers for the stripes. The top tier was a two layer, chocolate filled, chocolate cake. I used Fruit-by-the-Foot candy for the bow and ribbon. Iced in blue to contrast the chocolate tier below it. This was a really simple cake. 9×14 base stacked with a 6 inch round, 4″ high. What more could a boy ask for than a stack of presents on his birthday!

Not the best, but certainly adorable in it’s own right. The first time I’ve worked with “gifts”.


2 thoughts on “Let them eat cake!

  1. mydearbakes says:

    Awwww… you make such lovely bakes! Yummy! =)

    • Thank you. I have made others, but these are my favorites. They just turned out so beautifully, and everybody loved them. The chocolate cake with mint icing and mint chocolate glaze I made for my own birthday tasted great, but was a hot mess to look at LOL

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