Am I worth more than a chicken sandwich?

This thing with Chick-Fil-A is getting out of hand. As a Conservative Christian, I try to lead a life pleasing to no one but God. I support the views

HIS purpose… It was never about us.

of Dan Cathy on traditional family values because his views reflect God’s views. As an Army Wife, my husband’s job is to be willing to lay down his life for the sake of protecting our freedoms and the Oath of Enlistment even talks of protecting our Constitution from “all enemies, both foreign and domestic”. So I support the first amendment.

There are many out there who don’t support this view. I’ve had several very close friends, whom I have known most of my life, call out all “Religibigots” (their word) and a big “F**K OFF!”. I don’t understand this. There is a lot about human nature I don’t understand. Why is it okay for the LGBT community to throw slurs and hate at Christians, when all one guy did was confirm his faith? Isn’t that a double standard? Everything they are saying is protected under the First Amendment, so why isn’t my belief in God’s word protected as well?

This both hurts and confuses me. It makes me angry that you say I’m a bigot, I’m a homophobe, I’m hateful simply for expressing that my views line up with the Bible. That my views on a topic are the same as God’s views. That I take the Bible in whole, as complete and unalterable. I’m the bigot? What does that make you?

You who have supported me in times when no one else would. You who have gone to hell and back to protect me from someone who meant me harm. You who warned my husband that there are people out there who wish me troubles. What does that make you? I have slept on your couch when I had no place else to go. You talked to me when no one else would listen. We have always been there for each other, for no less than the past ten years. My children loved you, but today you made them cry. Our friendship is finished over a chicken sandwich? Is that all I meant to you?

I am hurt by this, but in it I find strength. God gives me strength because, in truth, He is all I need. I will never want for air, thirst for water, hunger for food because God is there.

Jesus is there.

He is never out of control. If we would only let His have the wheel, He will never steer us wrong.

So go ahead, “Unfriend” me. I wont lose my place in heaven over a chicken sandwich. I wont turn my back on God, on my beliefs, on myself and fellow Christians because of waffle fries. I wont agree with you because “it’s cool”.

So go. I bid you no ill will. I wish you the peace and happiness I have always wished for you. I still love you, though you show none for me. I will continue to pray for you as I always have.

Go on, my friend, live your life away from my “Religibigot” words and behaviors. I’m sorry that our friendship could be broken so easily, but I need God more than I need you.

That’s actually John 15:18 for those who want to look it up. It’s pretty lazy to just say “the Bible”. I mean, come on. There are 66 books in the Bible and the Book of Psalms is 150 chapters long!


What are your thoughts?

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