Random things I’d like to invent

It’s a dream of mine, I guess, to create something no one else can live without. Here’s the list so far:

An automatic, motion-activated cat scratcher.
The theory behind this is my cat hates us. She’s a cat so, by definition, she is going to hate us. My hopes for this invention would be to alleviate some of that. The idea is a small pole with a tiny pair of hands attached to the end of it. When plugged into the wall, the cat could walk near it, at which point (being motion activated) the tiny hands on the ends would begin a “scratching” motion for the cat to pass through. The cat would get the attention and “love” they deserve and at the end of the day, your cat wont hate you for ignoring them.

The downsides to a product like this include cost- the technology is expensive and thus the product would need to balance that cost- and in participation. The price of the product may be too much for people to want to try out. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t spend $100 on something for my cat unless I knew for a fact my cat would like and use it. We all know cats are temperamental, after all.

A shelving system for the fridge that would allow you to hang mesh bags of produce in your fridge to avoid having mushy peaches simply because they were sitting in the draw under an apple. (I’m actually in prototype mode for this one. My husband thinks it’s genius and would save us lots of money. I think it would be cool to be the only one that had one lol)

The idea behind this one is simple. I’ve thrown out hundreds of dollars in produce annually simply because of what I call “bottom rot”. Laying in the crisper drawers under a pile of other produce, the food just gets mushy, soft, develops mold in those soft areas and becomes inedible. I’ve lost peaches in under a week, apples in less than two weeks and don’t get me started on the cucumbers I had barely a few days. For me, simply using mesh bags to suspend the fruits and vegetables from an upper fridge shelf could help solve this problem. Things like lettuce wouldn’t have to sit on top of your asparagus and thus your asparagus, in theory, would keep fresh longer. Maybe having a crisper section of the fridge with the suspension technology would help keep the food fresh even longer.

A computer algorithm that would allow me to click a button and have my followed blogs read to me instead of doing it myself.
Okay, so I don’t know if an algorithm is what I’m looking for here, but I’m a busy mom. I’ve got dinners to make, lunch boxes to pack, dishes to wash, laundry to do, the list goes on. I don’t always have time to read my favorite blogs, but I’m always listening to music while I work. How cool would it be if we could click a button on the page and have our favorite blogs read to us? That way our hands could be busy with something else, but we could still keep up on blog entries, freshly pressed and all the other things we love about being bloggers.

What about you? Is there anything out there you could see fixing with a simple innovation?


What are your thoughts?

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