How I Met My Husband

I wrote this a few years ago, when my newest sister-in-law asked how my husband and I met. It confuses a lot of people when I tell them “We met on the internet before it was trendy.” Anyway, it’s a bit old, but the facts haven’t changed (other than the one about how long we’ve been married, at this time it’s nearly 7 years):

A long time ago (or about 6 years, give or take), there was this thing. And it was called THE internet (not to be confused with any random internet, this was THE one and only internet). And on this internet there was a game (an MMORPG to be exact [that’s a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, for those who don’t know]). Now this game was special. It took place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away (that’s pretty far for those who are directionally challenged). There were Jawas and Wookies, and Ewoks (oh my). One day I was standing at the shuttle port, depressed and waiting for the next shuttle off Dantooine. That planet had too many bad memories and I was just looking to escape it all, even if I only had enough credits to get to Naboo. That’s when it happened. The chat box opened up and there he was. The Wookie that changed everything for this out of work Twi’lek entertainer. He was a medic, too. Underneath all that fur, he had a heart of gold (or maybe two, and made of flesh… I’m not sure. I’m just not as up to date on Wookie anatomy as I used to be). Sure, there were some language barriers in the beginning, but it was love at first roar. Turns out we’d been in hunting parties together prior to this, but I was having an issue with alternate personalities at the time and had no clue who he was when he reintroduced himself that day. I played along nicely, though. Never revealing that I really didn’t know him. For the next two weeks (that’s real people time for those playing the home game), we gallivanted all over the galaxy together (turns out he had his own shuttle, too… A Wookie with a job AND his own shuttle, a Twi’lek could get used to that [and I did]). We traveled from Corellia to Naboo and all the POI (points of interest) in between. Even stopping on Endor several times to play in the Ewok villages. It was there, on that beautiful moon, that I told him the truth. I was not really the Twi’lek from that hunting party months ago that he’d added to his friends list and talked with on several occasions prior to that day at the shuttle port. That was a different personality (and an interesting one at that)… He accepted me for the scatterbrained, Ewok loving, out of work entertainer that I was and I loved that he had several houses, speederbikes and more credits than either of us wanted to count. And he was willing to share. He spoiled me so much, taught me to really enjoy that dark, dank, shuttle port on Dantooine (even if we were only there long enough to catch a connecting shuttle). One day in a cantina on Naboo, he asked for my number. I’d never done anything like that before. I was a very cautious Twi’lek (to the point of paranoia). But I never hesitated.

I waited anxiously for the phone to ring (we’re IRL [in real life] now, for those keeping track). His voice was a lot deeper than I had anticipated, but we talked for over an hour that first night. After that, though many thousands of (real) miles apart, we were inseparable. Always calling and texting and emailing, and then we’d meet in game and hang out and talk some more. It was sweet, much to the annoyance (and worry) of our friends and families. We helped each other through some tough stuff before we’d ever even met. This was September (or October, like I said give or take) 2004. After many months of sleepless night (mostly because one couldn’t convince the other to hang up the phone [and we have phone bills to prove it {Free Nights and Weekends FTW!}]), we finally met IRL. It was crazy. My caravan of scatterbrained, but ever so lovely and supportive, friends drove two and a half hours (though it should have only taken 45 minutes to an hour [we are the directionally challenged I vaguely made reference to earlier]) to TPA (that’s the airport, not just some random acronym). kaT helped me collect myself in the ladies room, while everyone else checked the arrival/departure boards to see if he had landed yet. Once they relayed to me that he had indeed landed, I went into full on panic mode. No turning back now. I sat in the floor in the corner of baggage claim, I hid behind the red teddy bear I had brought for him (I told you we were sweet). He saw my friends first (duh! I was hiding on the floor… Though I’m still not entirely sure how he knew it was them, best guess in the large group of teenagers with brightly colored hair, and tons of piercings, probably stood out like a sore thumb that Friday night). He came right to me, never asking me to get up. Came right to my level, there on the floor. And for the first time, after months of webcam and phone conversations, I looked into the eyes of my boyfriend for the first time. I knew my heart would break when he left the following week. And when that day came, it did. Two months later, after many more long sleepless phone calls (and the occasional emotional outburst), we did it again. I got on a plain for the first time ever (only the second time I’d ever been in an airport), and flew the many thousands of (real) miles to see him graduate college. I met his family while I was there, nice folks, and I’m glad too since we got married that November. I moved across all those many (real) miles, away from everything I’d known, loved, and had… I left it all behind to have the opportunity to have what I have now.

We met online Fall 04, in person March 05, got together again May 05, moved into the same city July 05, were married November 05 (complete with Star Wars music at the ceremony and reception, it was only appropriate after all)… Not sure how many people were against it in the beginning, probably more than those who actually voiced their displeasure, but I’m glad we didn’t listen. I’m glad we’ve been through the hells we’ve had these past five years, and someday I’ll be glad for the hells we’ve yet to go through. We’ve got two of the greatest kids in the world (I know every parent says that, but in our case it happens to be true). We may not always get along, we may not always like each other, but loving each other is a choice we always make for the betterment of ourselves and the other. We are dorks, we will readily admit it and embrace it when the word comes at us (typically after people find out how we met), but ya know what? In 60 years, when we’re old and gray and can’t remember where we’ve put our teeth or walkers, we’ll always have that shuttle port on Dantooine (so long as the program code still exists).

Easter 2012, photo by Lynne Hough

2005, Engagement Photos

2010, OCS Graduation Ball


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