30 Random Facts About Me

1. I consider myself a writer though most of it never makes it past the filter in my head.

2. I hate making lists like this.

3. I usually don’t reimburse the kids for the Halloween candy I’ve eaten, though I do pay them for what they give me to throw away.

4. It took me four attempts to spell “reimburse” and spell check still won the fight.

5. I almost numbered this one four, too.

6. Almost did it again with 5.

7. I  stopped eating meat when I was 14.

8. I converted several family members to vegetarianism.

9. I started eating meat again May 2010 because I was craving bacon and couldn’t find a legit reason to avoid it any longer.

10. Sausage is now my favorite food.

11. I love hot dogs, but hate hamburger.

13. I consider #11 as two separate thoughts.

14. I didn’t tell my family I started eating meat again out of fear of certain peoples reactions.

15. I wish I could shut off the part of my brain that creates hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

16. I hate hope, it only leads to disappointment.

17. Sometimes I feel like my prayers were the messages God skipped on Heavens answering machine.

18. It’s not my fault my daughter has Autism. (Yes, there are people who are unaware of this fact.)

19. I love that my children adore each other.

20. I know what every flower in my neighbor hood smells like.

21. I fear what people will think of me when they read my unfinished, unpublished novel.

22. I would love to have a degree in Crime Scene Investigation.

23. I don’t think I could stomach getting a degree in Crime Scene Investigation. (but I don’t have a lot of faith in myself in general)

24. My favorite color has always been green, so it’s a good thing my husband didn’t join the Air Force.

25. I listen to the Sweeney Todd soundtrack when I write.

26. I can’t focus on writing when listening to the Nightmare Revisited soundtrack.

27. I love my kids.

28. I don’t always enjoy being a stay-at-home mom.

29. I feel guilty about wanting something more than being a mom and housewife.

30. The bulk of this list is deliberately superficial to avoid letting people get too close. (See #14)


What are your thoughts?

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