30 Days with Autism, Day 16

April 16th: Autism has taught me that where there is music, there must also be dancing.

I would like to reiterate that point, where there is music, there MUST also be dancing. It seems to be a standard requirement whether you’re doing “The Running Man” or are a prima ballerina, if there is music, you must dance. I remember fondly a time last year when I thought I would both die of embarrassment and laugh my head off. I had taken the kids to a movie, just me (brave woman that I am…  yea right). After the movie, the credits start to roll and a request was made, thee request, “Can I hear the music at the movies?” How can a mom say ‘no’ to a question like that? We had no particular place to be, so I sat back down. As I did, K stood up and in the middle of the handicap area began to do the most peculiar dance moves I had ever seen. It was a combination of break dancing, the robot and ballet (if ever such a combination could be made). Her movements were jerky and awkward. I was grateful she wasn’t hitting anyone, though the theater had been nearly empty during the movie itself. I was about to make her stop, when a little boy, who had been sitting several rows behind us, came down the steps with his mother and began to dance next to K. Though his movements were more fluid and graceful, they were dancing together, to the credits of the movie. It was something to see for sure.

There have been times, when at the mall, we will walk into certain stores and she just bursts into dance. People stare, some smile, others laugh. It is surely a sight to behold, but she enjoys herself and she’s not hurting anyone. “Hoppy Tock” is one such store. (That’s Hot Topic, for those playing the home game.) She loves to dance through the store looking for Angry Bird plush toys (They had them once, about 10 months ago.), she never finds them, but she can’t go into the mall without looking all the same.

Often, she is the only one hearing the music, like this evening when she was attempting pirouettes in the kitchen. I would like to point out that she doesn’t take ballet, or any dance class, and I have no idea where she learned to do a pirouette. She was very happy to show me while I made dinner, though I could see on her face there was a music I wasn’t hearing. Honestly, I think she’s taught me so much about myself. I would never have the guts to do something so bold as to stop everything and begin to dance. How wonderful would it be if we all stopped feeling “silly” and just danced? There must be dancing.


What are your thoughts?

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