Hello world!

Here’s what’s coming up for April 2012!

As Autism Awareness Month is April, I plan to blog daily about the things I have learned as a result of having a child with autism. Last year, I posted each item as a Facebook status message. This year, I will be elaborating on each one to give a little more detail as to its meaning and how it been a lesson our family valued.

Also, April is National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo for short), I will be doing my best to write a poem every day, though they may not get posted daily. I will be doing this for the entire month, just as my autism blog will be.

Both blogs will be marked appropriately as follows:

NaPoWriMo: Poem #
30 days with Autism, Day #

This will help me keep clarity of postings and allow for others to view prior posts if they miss one. I hope you enjoy April as much as I will. It’s gonna be a lot of writing for 30 days, but I feel that both endeavors will be worth it in the end.


What are your thoughts?

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